Information Brochure can be collected from the college office on payment. Application for admission in any class/faculty should be registered as per the notification of the college given either in the newspapers or displayed on the college Notice Board. The Degree College and Junior College will re-open for the new session on 15/6/2018.

Students from outside Maharashtra Board and University desirous to seek admission for higher courses of the University are required to submit an Eligibility Certificate which can be obtained from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharj Nagpur University on payment of the prescribed fee as per letter of University bearing No. Enrol 95/2865 dated 4.5.1995.

No admission shall be finalised in absence of the Eligibility Certificate.

Every application must be written in the candidate’s own handwriting and must be endorsed by the Parents/Guardians of the candidate who will be responsible for her.
For admission to all classes, original School/College Leaving or Transfer Certificate, mark-list and true copies of the same should be brought at the time of admission.
Every application must be accompanied by the certified true copies attested by the Gazetted Officer, Principal, Headmaster or Lecturer of the affiliated college or of any University only.

No admission form will be accepted in absence of the mark-list of the qualifying examination passed and TC.

A student admitted in the college has to pay the fees and other dues for the entire academic session even if she leaves the college in the middle of the session. No transfer certificate will be issued unless the entire amount of the fees prescribed is paid.

Note : The original school/college leaving certificate will not be returned in any case after admission.

No applicant for admission can claim admission as a matter of right on the basis of ex-studentship of this college. Once the examination for which a student is admitted, is over, she shall cease to be a student of this college, whether she has actually appeared for the said examination or not and irrespective of the fact that she has not taken her transfer certificate from the college.

The Principal has powers to refuse admission or cancel admission once granted, if a student is found guilty of gross misconduct or misbehaviour or any act of indiscipline, or is found guilty of using unfair means in the college examination for which disciplinary action has been taken against her or for participating in any agitation or taking out morchas etc.

Reservation of seats: 50% seats are reserved for backward classes, students belonging to all reserved categories. Preference in admission may be given to college students who have passed XII Std. in 1st Attempt with the percentage to be notified in the newspapers and on the college Notice Board. Then if seats remain vacant, outsiders shall be considered for admission.

On admission every student shall obtain on payment of Rs. 20.00 an identity card carrying her own passport size photograph duly pasted on it and shall preserve this card carefully with her in order to produce it on demand as and when required. In case of loss, it can only be reissued on payment of Rs. 50/- (Fifty) only. Every student must bring the identity card daily to the college and return the same to the office at the time of receiving their admission cards for Board/University examination.

In case this card is lost the matter should at once be reported to the college office. This card can be used. for other purposes like joining University or Govt. Libraries.
Medium of Instruction & Examination : The College offers English, Hindi and Marathi medium of instruction in Arts courses and English in the Home Science, Science & Home Science Technology courses. In the Commerce faculty the medium of instruction is English and Marathi.

All the students who are new entrants to the degree college will have to enroll themselves in the University. A prescribed form for this purpose will be supplied by the college at the time of admission. A fine of Rs. 50/- per month is imposed by the University. if the enrolment form alongwith the enrolment fee is not received by the University by 16th August.

In order to qualify as a candidate for University Examination every student as per G.R. No. TEM/3396/(7498) Tech. Edn. -1 dt. 1 7.7.9 6, & Letter No. NSC/2 0 0 2/1 2 6/ students attendance/PR/MV/1/11505 dt. 12.6.2002 of Director of Higher Education, Pune, must attend not less than 80% of the lectures (and practicals) in each of their subjects of study offered. Sr. College students are required to fill in the undertaking at the time of admission in the prescribed form as under. Students enrolled in N.C.C. or P.T. classes must put in 80% attendance and attend all camps in N.C.C. also.

No student shall remain absent from class without permission previously obtained. No one shall leave the premises during the college hours without permission.

Leave of absence can be given only at the students own risk and certificate of any kind will not condone a deficiency in attendance. Condonation of deficiency in attendance rests entirely with the University/Board.


I______________hereby give an undertaking that I will maintain attendance in each subject in both the terms for academic session.
I am aware that if my out of 180 attendance is less than 80% I shall be detained from appearing at Examination-.
I undertake to abide by all the rules/regulations and conditions mentioned in the
Examination form.
I also undertake not to indulge into ragging.

Parent’s Signature                            Student’s Signature

Parent’s Name/Full                            Class

Residential Address                            Medium

Ph. No.:
Email Id:                                 Principal’s Signature

Students are nominally fined @ Rs. 0.50 per period for the entire period of absence. Fine is imposed as a deterrent. Time and again notices are put/letters sent to guardians regarding attendance of their wards. For the last few years college has been making use of computers to streamline the process. It will be our endeavour to try and display the attendance of students twice (once before Diwali vacation and second time at the end of January) in one academic session.

Parents/guardians are supposed to cooperate with the college authorities in directing/advising their daughter/wards to be regular in attendance and studies. It is better if parents take a preventive step. It should be noted that college will not hesitate to detain students for want of requisite attendance. Do not let that situation arise. For genuine reasons, college may condone the deficit attendance (to be substantiated by proper proof) provided letter/medical certificates are submitted in time, but not as a rule.

All students including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Economically Backward Classes getting Scholarships or free studentships or freeship should note that their scholarships or free studentships or freeship will entirely depend on their regular attendance, which should not be less than 80% and satisfactory progress as evidenced by passing all university, monthly tests terminal and test examinations of the college, otherwise they will not be entitled for scholarship, freeship and they will have to pay full fees

Attendance of students on National occasions like 15th August (Independence Day) and 26th January (Republic Day) and other college functions is compulsory. Disciplinary action shall be taken against students who remain absent on the above occasions.