Kala Bahaar 2018-2019- the annual cultural festival of Junior College was held in December while AURA –Inter collegiate Cultural Fest – was completely conceptualized by the students and showcased their performance skills, cognitive and creative skills as well as entrepreneurship and leadership skills.Yoga Day, Home Science Exhibition- Skill Villa, Garba, Cake fair, Miss L.A.D, Spandan Wall Magazine and many such yearly events have continued to be the benchmarks of  L.A.D- all organized in a very dignified, auspicious & elegant manner. Installation of new teams of the Departmental Societies of the entire Science Faculty: SPECTUM, FRAGRANCE, CORAL, URJA, GENETIXS & Association of Biochemistry & Microbiology were undertaken wherein a guest lectures were organized. Dr. KarunaUmre –Intercollegiate Hindi Poetry Competition, Dr. Sridevi Naidu Debate Competition, Dr. Iyyengar Quiz Competition, Prof Vijay Vaidya Memorial Inter-Collegiate Debate competition etc- were the regular programmes- in which the theme of water literacy was reflected. Nutrition Week celebrations and Samadhan Guidance and counseling cell were very fruitful.



  • The format of the annual cultural gathering was changed this academic year and redesigned as an Intercollegiate Cultural Festival and named AURA- The Intercollegiate Cultural Fest.   
  • The aim of increasing the scope of the Cultural week to an Intercollegiate Cultural Festival was to provide a platform for our students to participate in new and unusual events and competitions like Turn Coat, Open Mike, Best out of Waste, Stand Up Comedy, Lit Up, Fete etc. which brought out their performance skills, creative and cognitive skills as well as entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Poster and Painting Competitions were also held. A Concert by a rock band was also a part of the festivities.
  • AURA 2017-18 was held from 17 January 2018 to 20 January 2018 in the premises of both campuses. The Cultural Festival was fully conceptualized and executed by both students and teachers. The most unique feature of this Cultural Festival was that it brought about the participation of every single employee of the college including non teaching and office staff, from both campuses and the students as well as parents and alumnae. All the stakeholders contributed to the successful organization of the new innovation of the college. The proceeds of the funds generated from this event are to be utilized for the working of the IQAC of our college.
  • Dr.Pooja Pathak was the Convenorof AURA Cultural Fest, while Dr. Nanda Rathi and Dr. Ruta Dharmadhikari were the Co Convenors. Malavika Madkholkar, RuchitaSatfale, AnishaMujumdar, Acsah Varghese, Nakiya Kothawala and Hariti Vakhariya, all studying in BA Semester IV, comprised the core  student committee.