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Criterion 5 – Student Support and Progression

5.1.1 -5.1.2. Scholarships and Freeship Provided by Govt and NGOs

5.1.3 Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement Initiatives taken by the Institution

Criterion 6 – Governance, Leadership and Management

6.2.1 Strategic Plan and Deployment Documents

6.2.2 Organogram of the Institution

6.4.1 Audited Statement and Budget

6.4.2 Funds/ Grants received from NGO’s, individuals, Philanthropists

Criterion 7 – Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.1.1 Measures Initiated by the Institution for the promotion of Gender Equity

7.1.3 Facilities in the Institution for the Management of degradable and non degradable waste.

7.1.8 Inclusion and Situatedness

7.1.9 Sensitization to the Constitutional Obligations

7.1.11 Celebration of Commemorative Days, Events , Festivals

7.2.1 Best Practices

7.3.1 Institutional Distinctiveness