College Development Committee


1.Adv. Sunil V. Manohar

: Chairman of the Management   Chairperson’s Nominee
or Ex-officio-Chairperson
2.Dr. Shyamala Nair : Secretary of Management
3.Dr. Vinayak Deshpande: Local Member (Education Field)
4.Dr. Pratiksha Mayee: Local Member (Education Field)
5.Dr. Jyotsna Patil: Local Member (Education Field)
6.Mrs. Vishakha Rao-Jathar: Local Member (Social Service NGO)
7.Dr. Chitra Lade: Head of the Department Nominated by the Principal of     the College
8.Dr. Asha Tiwari: Elected Staff Repr. – Teaching
9.Dr. Alka Dhondge: Elected Staff Repr. – Teaching
Dr. Rijuta Bapat: Elected Staff Repr. – Teaching
11.Mrs. Lalita Renke: Elected Staff Repr. – Non Teaching
12.Dr. Pooja Pathak: Co-ordinator of IQAC
13.Dr. D. Sridevi: Co-coordinator of IQAC
14.One Student: Elected Secretary of Student’s Council
Dr. Deepali Kotwal: Principal Member Secretary