Courses Offered(JC)

Junior college Courses ( FYJC & SYJC )

Note: In any subject, in any faculty, if students enrolment is not sufficient, i.e. as per requirement/rule, the sutdents offering such subjects, will have to offer other subjects
ARTS FACULTY (English/ Hindi/ Marathi Medium)Compulsory SubjectElective Subject
Any four of the following subjects :
i) English as a compulsory language.1) Sanskrit             2) History
ii)Second Language Marathi / Hindi /Urdu / Sanskrit (any one)3) Geography         4) Pol. Science
iii)Environmental Education*.5) Economics          6) Home Management
iv)Health and Physical Education(Grade Subject)*.7) Food Science      8) Persian      9) Urdu
10) Indian Music (History & Development of Indian Music)
11) Indian Music-Vocal Classical Music.

Note : Students who offer Food Science and Home Management in FYJC can offer Textile Clothing & Laundry and Child Development respectively, in SYJC.

For Food Science and Home Management, as number of seats are limited, admissions will be on merit basis only.

For Music : The students who would like to offer Indian Vocal Classical Music as one of the optional subjects shall have to offer History & Development of Indian Music or they can offer only History & Development of Indian Music as an optional subject.

For Sanskrit : The students are allowed to take either Language/Optional subject.

SCIENCE AND HOME SCIENCE FACULTIES (F.Y.J.C. & S.Y.J.C.)Compulsory SubjectScience Group Home Science Group
(English Medium)i) English 1. Physics1. Chemistry
ii) Second Language Marathi / Hindi Urdu / Sanskrit(any one)2. Chemistry2. Biology
iii) Environmental Education*.3. Biology3. Home Management (XI)
iv) Health and Physical Education(Grade Subject)*.4. Mathematics & Statistics or Geography4. Food Science (XI)
5. Child Development (XII)
6. Textile Laundry & Clothing (XII)
(An optional subject for Biology and 2nd language)
During the academic session 2008-2009 for XI Science, college had received the sanction for starting the bifocal subject Electronics 1 batch of 25 students on permanent no-grant basis vide letter no 2/ ijavyaiXap`A/p`vaoXa / 2008/ 857 dt. 17-7-2008
Bi-Focal subject Electronics (Permanently on no grant basis):
1) English as a compulsory language .
2) Electronics Practical
3) Environmental Education*.
4) Health and Physical Education(Grade Subjects)*.
5) Electronics Theory.
6) Physics.
7) Chemistry.
8) Maths & Statistics
FACULTY OF COMMERCE (F.Y.J.C. & S.Y.J.C.)1) English as a compulsory language. 2) Second language – Marathi/ Hindi/ Urdu/ Sanskrit/IT(Information Technology)**
(English & Marathi Medium)3) Environmental Education*.4) Health and Physical Education(Grade Subjects)*.
5) Economics. 6) Book Keeping & Accountancy
7) Organization of Commerce 8) Secretarial Practice

** Information Technology (IT) – An optional subject for 2nd language for commerce English Medium students. College had received the sanction for starting this subject on permanent no grant basis vide letter No.eca.esa.saI ./A/ maa.tM~ /13094/96/2009 dated 17/7/2010 for one batch of 20 students .

* The subject Environment Education is Compulsory Subject to students of all faculties , i.e. Arts, Commerce, Science, Bifocal Vocational. There will be projects work of 30 marks and seminar / Journals of activities of 20 marks.

Annual Results will be – First session 50 marks + Second session

50 marks = 100 marks. 100/2 = 50 marks . These will be added in the final result of the student.

* The Subject Health and Physical Education is Compulsory Subject for all faculties i.e. Arts , Commerce , Science , Bio-focal Vocational . It has Written and Practical Exam at the college level and the Grade is mentioned in the mark list.


French / German are optional subject for 2nd Language available for XI & XII std. of all faculties as per board syllabus . The courses are conducted by Women’s Education Society’s Justice M.L.Pendse School of Languages & Media Studies.