Distinctive Features 2021-2022


The year is celebrated as FITNESS Literacy year under the COVID 19 Pandemic situation.

Yearlong online/ offline programs and competitions are organized.

Coordinator and Chairperson of the Program: Principal Dr. Deepali Kotwal

Convener of the theme was: Dr. Mrs. Nandini Titarmare, Associate Professor and Head of the Physical Education and Sports.


The following Members of Fitness Literacy Year 2021-22 :

  1. Dr. D. Titarmare (Supervisor)
  2. Dr. Kiran Patil  (Supervisor)
  3. Dr. Neeta Kashyap
  4. Dr. Nilima Yelkunchwar
  5. Dr. Vaikhari Wazalwar
  6. Dr. Suchita Ingle
  7. Dr. Nidhi Meshram
  8. Varsha Bhujbal
  9. Ms. Nilima Waghmare
  10. Dr. Minakshi Kulkarni