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Distinctive Features 2016 onwards

2021-2022 FITNESS Literacy Year

2020-2021MINDFULNESS Literacy Year

2019-2020 – “Arogyam Dhan Sampada : A lifelong Treasure”

2018-2019Water Literacy Year


The College is fully committed to usher in socio – economic transformation by providing an inclusive innovative quality education of global standards to fully meet the expectations of the stake holders as initiated by its founding fathers.

Taking a step further in this direction and building on its policy of awareness creation by dedicating an academic year to a social, environmental cause. The institute endeavours to contribute by shaping and presenting its young citizens to the society by mentoring and nurturing into being an aware, literate and thereby socially responsive individual. Literacy is the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. The college has endeavoured to focus on a specific issue be it social or environmental as its chosen literacy year wherein activities, programmes, workshops which were related to the issue focused on for that particular academic  year.


The Literacy year 2022-2023 Safety and Security Literacy year is very relevant and vital in today’s scenario. Security and safety challenges are the most important issues of modern times. Safety is an important part of life that people sometimes overlooked until it costs them money or personal discomfort. Safety and security represent many things, including a stable income, consistent housing, clothing, and food supplies as part of the predictability of daily life, protection from crime, and psychological security. Security and safety challenges rank among the most pressing issues of modern times, Challenges such as, Women Safety, Financial Safety, Cyber-safety, Road Safety, Food Safety, Safety from environmental hazards etc., impact our lives in different ways. Facilitated by developments such as globalization and the spread of technologies, new safety and security challenges arise. Our theme of Literacy year for the academic year 2022- 2023, will help our staff and students to understand complex modern-day safety and security challenges and the ways to deal with them.

Coordinator – Dr. Deepali Kotwal, Principal
Co-coordinators – Dr Pooja Pathak , Vice Principal

Dr N Titarmare, Vice Principal

Convener –             Dr. Bhawana Khapekar

Co-convener –         Dr V Kawadkar


Like many endeavors in current times for the youth education and awareness  about fitness and physical activity are not inculcated as many initiatives to encourage physical fitness are important and  usually falls  short. Understanding both fitness and physical literacy are important to the healthy development of all. People with physical literacy have the knowledge, skills, and fitness necessary to be active -throughout life. Being physically literate is not the same as being physically active. One can be fit without possessing physical literacy, and conversely, one can be physically literate and choose not to be active. The year is celebrated as Fitness Literacy year under the COVID 19 Pandemic  situation. Yearlong online/ offline programs and competitions were organized.

The literacy year 2021 -2022 has as its core concern, the wellbeing of the self as well as our fellow beings, in the present as well as in the future. We announce the theme of FITNESS for the year2021-2022to encapsulate action and vigour with strength and resilience, leading to the seeking of our true selves and shinning in that light. We move cyclically from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ in ever altruistic ways  to move forward in the spirit of mutual cooperation , understanding and inclusivity. We hope it will be in the fitness of things , to feel, introspect , think and navigate and then equip to seek and shine, mnemonically capturing the essence in the word ‘FITNESS’ . We live in a highly digitized world , constantly connected electronically to gadgets and tools and are in danger of turning into couch addicts, Rapid digitalization in every sphere of life is a necessary evil, but needs to be balanced with increasing and effective routes to patience, tolerance , serenity and endurance. The backlash of the horrific pandemic COVID-19 must be negotiated with Fitness of all hues and shapes. The Fitness Literature year will survive to motivate our students and staff towards physical vigour, Mental Vitality, Emotional health , social vivacity and spiritual fulfilment. The Fitness Literacy year promises to lessen our trauma and heal our psyche.

Physical Education and Sports department of LAD College celebrated  International Yoga Day as a First Programme of Fitness Literacy Year 2021-22 , on 21st June 2022. Fitness Pledge and Laughter Club Activity was the second activity. A Slogan Writing Competition  on “Nirogi Swasth”  was conducted  . Nutritious food daan was the  next programme. The programme was conducted with  NSS Unit I , Nutritious  Food ( Sprouted  Usal , Rajgira laddu Packet, Peanut Chikki Packet and Banana ) and Mask was donated to more than 30 class four staff. An Online Guest Lecture on ‘Naturopathy and Vegetarian Diet: Gandhiji’s perspective for Holistic Wellness’ followed by “Arogyadaan – Benefits of Suryanamaskar” were conducted. The Breast Cancer Awareness Programme in collaboration with Indradhanu Cluster of Colleges was  held on 12th October 2021 .This was followed by a Hands-on Learning Workshop on Tourism, Environment and Health. An online Inter Collegiate  Suryanamaskar Competition for Girls” was followed by A guest lecture was organized by Music department on Music and Fitness under the aegis of Fitness Literacy Year on 11 December 2021 on Google meet. A workshop for Non-Teaching Staff on the importance , Benefits and Proper  procedure for the physical activities . Offline Suryanamaskar  a Programme Under Fitness Literacy Year 2021-22 , and the Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Nagpur’s  Abhiyaan Of 75 Crore Suryanamaskar  on 12th February 2022.

Coordinator –         Dr. Deepali Kotwal, Principal

Co-coordinators –  Dr Pooja Pathak , Vice Principal

Dr Alka Dhondge , Vice Principal

Convener –             Dr.  Nandini Titarmare

Co-convener –        Ms. Nilima Waghmare


The year was celebrated as Mindfulness Literacy year under the COVID 19 Pandemic situation. The mission for  Mindful Literacy Practice was to build on mental strength and hence a strong  community that cultivates literacy and mindfulness practices with students, their families, and through them spread to the community.  Yearlong online programs competitions were organized focused on aspects related to mindfulness which essentially  trains ones attention to the present moment without dwelling on the past or the future. The word “mindfulness” can be used to refer to both the state of being mindful and the daily practices (e.g. meditation) that help to bring it about. Mindfulness provides many physical and psychological benefits which were focused upon this year.

The   year   2020-2021   as   the ‘mindfulness Literacy Year’  and correlated its significance to the pandemic of  COVID- 19 and amid the lockdown in an in- house online meet held in May 2020 it was declared as such. The inaugural function was  a webinar on “Emotional Wellness in Challenging Times”. The second webinar was organized on 29 June 2020 “Embodying stillness: Finding Peace of Mind amidst Covid-19”. The resource person Mrs. Rajita Kulkarni- President Sri Sri University, Bhubaneshwar gave a detailed comprehensive concept of meditation. The third activity organized under the banner of Mindfulness Literacy Year was “A National Level PPT Competition”. Next activity organized was “Intra-collegiate Poster Competition” in the month of October 2020. In the month of December 2020 an “Inter-collegiate Video Making Competition” was organized. Eleven entries were received out of which three winners were given cash prizes. In collaboration with Maitreya Cell, an “Inter-collegiate Mandala Art Competition” for Non-teaching staff of  our college and Indradhanu Cluster of colleges in the month of February 2021was organized.

Coordinator –         Dr. Deepali Kotwal, Principal

Co-coordinators –   Dr Pooja Pathak , Vice Principal

Dr Alka Dhondge , Vice Principal

Convener –              Dr.  Nanda  Rathi

Co-Convener-         Dr Vaikhari Vazalwar

Ms. Kanchan Bade

Mindfulness Literacy Year 2020-2021

Mindfulness Literacy Year 2020-2021 Youtube Link


The institute dedicated the year 2019-2020 and was celebrated as a Health Literacy Year titled “Arogyam Dhan Sampada : A lifelong Treasure”. There were yearlong activities wherein numerous health-related programmes to create awareness were conducted such as  Beauty and Health contest, Personality Development, Slogan, Poster, Quiz, Debate competitions. Related to the life of human beings triggered the concept of extension and various socio academic activities linked with health by way of announcing 2019-20 as Health Literacy Year which was formally inaugurated on the International Yoga Day. Many socio-academic activities-Beauty and Health contest, Personality Development, Slogan, Poster, Quiz, Debate competitions and Health Awareness Surveys were held. Symposium on Essentials of Nutrition in Sports Performance was held in association with Nutrition Society of India Nagpur Chapter. Three distinguished Scientists from National Institute of Nutrition-NIN- Hyderabad gave a focused presentation and lectures on three themes. National level Seminar on Aarogyam Dhansampada – A Lifelong Treasure was organized on 14th December 2019. Well known Dignitaries and Luminaries and experts from Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune, Bangaluru were invited. The Inaugural programme was presided by Dr. Avinash Deshmukh, Vice President of Women’s Education Society and had Professor of Excellence, Prof. of Eminence and Prof. Emeritus, Honorable Chancellor of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad, Dr. Vedprakash Mishra as the Chief Guest.

A cell was set up to spearhead and conduct activities related to this theme.

Coordinator –            Dr. Deepali Kotwal, Principal

Co-coordinators –    Mrs. Radhika Yelkawar, Vice Principal

Mrs. Kalpana Dhawad, Vice Principal

Convener –                 Dr. Kakoli Upadhyay

Co-convener-            Dr. Vathsala Shrinivas


The year was celebrated as Water Literacy Year. Year Long programs were organized by college including one day National Aqua Conference. Under the aegis of this literacy year, various programs concerning water related issues were conducted so that students , other stakeholders and through them the community in general were made aware about looming water shortage and ways to tackle this issue. To tackle various water related issues, involvement of young generation is a must. Various programs involving students in order to create awareness and sensitize students about future scarcity about water were planned.

The concept of Continuing Education Programmes to meet the variety of educational needs of college youths is again undertaken this year in which a Diploma course entitled “Water Conservation and Water Audit Techniques”has also been started along with the Certificate Course. Such educational interventions to create awareness among students about various social issues related to their life, have triggered the concept of extension and various socio-academic activities by way of announcing 2018 as Water Literacy Year -with an aim to create awareness for water scarcity  and inculcate sustainable habits and attitudes towards the looming water crisis. A focused involvement and commitment was observed by the entire staff and studentsof the college around this theme. Many socio-academic activities- A Theme Talk on Water, Slogan and Poster, Scrap Book, Video and Aqua Model Competitions were organized.

Coordinator- Dr. Deepali Kotwal, Principal
Co-coordinators – Mrs. Radhika Yelkawar, Vice Principal

Mrs. Kalpana Dhawad, Vice Principal

Convener-                 Mrs. Kalpana Dhawad

Co-convener-            Dr. Pooja Pathak

Water Literacy Year 2018-2019

National Aqua Conference on Water Conservation :Role of Educators under the  aegis of IQAC 18th December 2018 (Youtube Link)