No student shall remain absent from any class test or college examination without special permission. The application requesting leave on medical ground specially at the time of the college examination will be treated as invalid if not accompanied by Medical Certificate.
A student who remains absent for both college test and examination in a year or has habitually missed class tests, will on no account be promoted to the next class or be permitted by the college to appear in the board exam. A strict record of marks is maintained by the college of all written work.


  • All the first year Junior college students have to appear for Tutorial/Seminar/MCQ/Unit Test etc.in the 1st  Term of 25. 
  • First Terminal Examination – 50 marks.
  • Tutorials/Seminar / MCQ /Unit Test etc in 2nd Term of 25 mark
  • Second Term Examination at the end of second term of 100 Marks.  final result shall be decided on the   average marks of all the above exams. 
    25+50+25+100   =  200   =  100 average.
    2                     2
    which should not be less than 35%.
  • There shall be no re-examination for students who fail in the first year Junior college examination
  • Failures will not be promoted  to higher class .Unfair means students indulging in unfair means  shall be  detained rusticated even if they obtain overall pass marks.

NOTE-Students of first year Junior college must appear in all Exams, Monthly tests, Unit tests, assignments,   practical exams, 1st terminal exam and Annual promotion exam as the overall result is based on the   average performance. The college authorities will not responsible if the students are declared   fail either due to poor performance or absence in the above exams.