Faculty of Economics

Dr. Ms. PUSHPA J. UDASI ( Asso. Professor) (RETIRED)

M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D.

Teaching experience of UG  for 24 Years.                 

Worked for M. Phil Dissertation on  “An Evaluation of Twenty Point Programme in Nagpur  District”.

And for Ph.D.on “Economic  Study of Storage Facilities of Agriculture Produce and Its Impact on Agriculture Prices and Farm Incomes in Nagpur Division”.

 -Attended and Participated in 40 Conferences, Seminars, Workshop & Symposia at State, National and International Level.

One Paper Presented

Interested in Micro, Macro and Indian Economics And

Social Work Membership:

                                            -Life Member of the Indian Economic Association.

                                          -Life Member of Marathi Arthashatra Parishad        

                                          -Life Member of Vidarbha Economic Teachers Association.