Infrastructure of the College

The infrastructure of the college ensures adequate facilities for academic activities and research.

 The college has two Campuses one is situated at Shankar Nagar and another at Seminary Hills.  There are 40 classrooms at both the campuses sizes ranging from 400 sq.ft to 1200 sq.ft. This institution has an ICT enabled rooms, Seminar Halls   for conducting seminars, association meetings, paper presentations, and various teaching-learning activities.

Speciality of each Department , Library & Internet service :

Library Facility is available at both campuses with Total area at Shankar Nagar Campus 4900  sq.ft.  (Reading room area + Photocopy center -1900 sq. ft., Stacks area- 2500 sq.ft., library staff area -500 sq.ft.) & Seminary Hills Campus is 3110 sq.ft. ( Stacks + Reading room- 2990 sq.ft., Photocopying center-120 sq.ft.)   The Department of Library science has  rich collection of old and rare books. Library provides e-resources through N List to the students with e resource section, Library also have Audio Visual Section for visually impaired students to listen audio books,Abrar the audio book reader is also available for these students. Other students could use this section to watch You tube educational videos, There are total six computers for students to read e resources in this section. Library conducted monthly book review activity conducted for students under Book club of library. Library provides OPAC facility to access the books from library. Library is partially automated with SOUL 2.0 software at both the campus. Both campuses are equipped with wifi connection with ≥ 50 MBPS. Seminary Hills campus which  Provide access to 72832 books and 31 journals including back volumes, and it is automated with SOUL 2.0   software and 21 e-books are available.  Access to e resources INFLIBNET-NLIST,  NDL are also available.

Smart Classrooms

There are 7 smart Classrooms in our college. There are 14 laboratories of the Faculty of Science  like Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Zoology , Applied Electronics, HMCT, Interior Design , Cosmetic Technology  provide advanced experiential learning. Microbiology, Biochemistry labs are having all essential instrumentation according  to syllabus as well as including   Which consist of Laminar room, Plant Tissue Culture, Animal Tissue Culture Room, Dissertation Room, Dark Room, Equipment Room, Instrumentation Room with modern equipment’s like  Digital Nephelo/Turbidity Meter, pH Meter, Multiparameter Photometer, UV-VIS Digital Spectrophotometer (200-1000nm) , Flame photometer, Dissolved Oxygen Meter with memory of 50 results (Portable),  Faculty of Arts & Humanities has 8 labs with modern facilities and Faculty of Commerce & management has 1 Computer lab with Wi-fi facility, at  Shankar Nagar Campus.

At Seminary Hills Campus 20 Laboratories with one Research lab which has all modern facilities required for the Research As Brookfield Viscometer, Single Pan, pH Meter, Penetrometer, Spectrophotometer, Laptop. Department Of HMCT has modern equipment like  Under counter Refrigerator, Ice machine, bottle cooler rack and display counter with adjustable temperature

Auditorium & Seminar Halls
Details of Auditorium & Seminar Halls- Shankar Nagar campus has one Big Auditorium Justice BhavanishankarNiyogi Hall  having Accommodation capacity of  1000 students as well an  additional  Conference Hall (closed auditorium) having capacity of  200 students. Similarly Seminary Hills Campus has  D. J. Deshmukh Hall having capacity  of 300 students.

Department of Botany has maintained a Botanical Herbal Garden. Department of Zoology & Applied Electronics have started Manure Production unit and managing the garbage generated at both the campuses.

Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities available at our institute where International players are emerged out.

( Indoor  / Outdoor)

Indoor- 1- Gymnasium Hall , 1-Table tennis Table, 3-Carrom, Karate, 1 Electronic Tread Mills, 1 Rowing Machine,

1 Electronic Bicycle , 1 Cross Trainer, Functional Trainer.

Outdoor-Basketball Court -1, Volleyball Court-1 , Kho-Kho, Court- 1, Kabaddi Ground, Cricket Pitches -2 Half Pitches ( 1 Cement -1 Mud Wickets)

Department of History

has collection of rare coins.

 Department of Geography

 is having Tracing table, A-View Open access software for virtual meetings and Nagpur district atlas contains nine major maps, two satellite images of Nagpur city of 2005, World Clock ,Survey instruments.

 The Department of Psychology

performs   Intelligence testing, Personality testing for students and Aptitude testing for junior college students and  on the basis of aptitude guidance is provided for selection of further studies also personality testing is also carried out Clinical testing like anxiety, stress, and depression .The testing tools are approved by American Psychological Association

The Institution has adequate facilities for cultural activities, sports, games (indoor, outdoor), gymnasium, yoga center etc.

Facilities for sports, games and cultural activities which include specification about area/size, year of establishment and user rate within a maximum of 500 words

 The Department of Physical Education & Sports was established in the year 1932 in response to the challenge of depleting physical fitness and health problems especially in female population of our college as well as transforming role of physical education in the younger generation. We contribute our bit by educating the girls coming from all strata of the society in the areas of health and physical education. We also devote our effort in advancing health through improving the student’s knowledge in health enhancing skills, managing and promoting personal health as well as changing sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles into an active, healthy and physically fit lifestyle. The Department of Physical Education and Sports is enriched with four highly qualified faculties (2016-21) who also happen to be very good sportsmen of their time.                                                            

Grounds Available and Measurements  

Basketball Court   – 1  ( About 50-60 Students use the court regularly)

Length  28 meters 

Width 15 meters 

Kho Kho ground      – 1  ( About 15-20 Students use the court regularly)

Length  29 meters 

 Width 16 meters

Volleyball  Court   – 1( About 15-20 Students of Volleyball and Throwball each use the

court regularly)

Cricket Pitches          -2 Half Pitches ( one Cement and one Normal )

Length  10. Meters( About 20-25 Students use the court regularly)

Width  3.05 meters

Gymnasium Hall :

Length  18 meters, Width 9 metersTable tennis Table  ( About 15-20 Students use the court regularly)

Chess   ( About 10-15 Students use the court regularly)

Carrom  ( About 30-35 Students use the court regularly)

Karate   ( About 10-15 Students use the court regularly)

12 Station Gym (Not in use as it is now outdated and not repairable)

2 Electronic Tread Mills

1 Rowing Machine

1 Electronic Bicycle

1 Cross Trainer

7. The institute has installed all the safety measures and facilities for the disabled students while considering both sports related and regular activities of the students.

8. The institute has a state of art infrastructure which includes facilities for small functions like installation programs for NSS, prize distribution functions, workshops, seminars, etc.

9. All sports equipment and kits are provided, and players are felicitated for encouragement.

Many of our students could continue to pursue their chosen sport in college which was their choice  at school level  participation in sports. These budding players which are groomed at our institute can showcase their talent and skills   at plenty of universities and Nationwide sports programs. Indeed, with focus and determination provided by eminent staff of our Institute , they may even win National and International championships  before completing their degrees by gaining a higher level of participation in many events. In fact our students won these Championship at many levels.

The college has the following additional digital facilities:

There is one Shankar Nagar college LG Make Signage electronic display notice board outside the Principal Office and another in the Library.

There is one Seminary hill’s college LG Make Signage electronic display notice board outside the Principal Office and another in the Library.

The college website is maintained and upgraded regularly under an annual maintenance contract. It

has different portals with latest updates.

Recently, a new ERP system software CMS (Mastersoft company Nagpur)

Has been added to the college website for student – teacher interaction and communication File Description

Length  18 meters ,Width 9 meters


The college cafeteria at both the campuses caters hygienic food to staff and students. The canteen works under supervision of Canteen Committee and Health Committee. The food menu and the rate are decided by the Canteen Committee. Annual contract for the canteen is awarded by inviting tenders. Adherence to norms for cleanliness, quality and hygiene of food is monitored by the Canteen Committee and it has manure production unit to produce manure by using kitchen waste and hostel left over.


There is Hostel facility for outside girls students in the premises of both campuses.