Other Important Information(JC)


  • At the time of submission of any type of concession form students are required to produce their Identity Card, without which the form will not be accepted
  • Students belonging SC/ST/VJ/NT/SBC/OBC Category will submit GOI Scholarship or Freeship form only,
  • Students of outside Maharashtra State are not eligible to avail any type/of concession,
  • Eligible and( deserving students for the scholarship are advised to submit the prescribed application forms along with necessary certificates duly filled in, to the Scholarship clerk on or before the dates mentioned. After this date, forms will not be accepted,
  • All scholarships payable to the students are distributed on receipt of the same from the government The Scholarship holders should collect their scholarship amount within a week after the notice to that effect is displayed on the college
  • Notice board. They are required to produce their identity cards having their photographs duly attested by the principal/lecturers of the college
  •  All Concession holders must see the notices displayed on the college notice Board from time to time regarding the sanction of the
  • scholarship forms etc. submitted by the students and also regarding distribution of scholarship amount,
  • All payments are made by cheque. There will not be any exception to this rule and no representation will be entertained on this subject.
  • The students who are admitted under Backward category are advised to submit their Caste .Certificates to the admission section or else their admissions will not be confirmed    Notice regarding final sanction of various concessions and scholarships of the students shall be displayed on the students notice board after 10th February every year,
  • The scholarship/concession holders and parents are suppose to see the notices in jan/feb. every year. If the concession /scholarship forms of concerned students are rejected by the concerned Govt departments on any ground, such students shall have to pay full fees to the college within 15 days from the date of such notices

Important notice:- According to circular no. S.T;C. 1006 dt. 30th Aug. 2006 received from the government, it is necessary for junior college schedule tribe students to obtain caste validity certificate from project officer. Integrated tribal Development Project. Nagpur, otherwise they will not get the facilities of reserved category.


1. For duplicate transfer certificate, students have to produce a court-                                                  
affidavit regarding the loss of original transfer certificate issued by the college & pay Rs. 25/-

2. For Bonafide Certificate, Character Certificate /Date of Birth Certificate Rs. 10/-.

3. Charges for obtaining old record more than 10years Rs. 50/-.

4. Students passing F.Y.J.C. from this college will not be permitted to take admission to S.Y.J.C. in other colleges, as per the instructions of the Dy.Director of Education, Nagpur vide Letter No.ADE/Cont/80- 81/2919 dated 8-4-1980.

5. The students who have passed F.Y.J.C. should take the admission to S.Y.J.C. on or before the date as per notice displayed on the college notice board.

6. It is compulsory for the students to purchase the practical note books provided by the college.

7. Every student is expected to see the Notice Boards daily. It will be presumed that the notices displayed on the Notice Boards are seen and read by the student.