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Students shall take part in the weekly ‘General Education’ programme of the college which includes debates, paper reading, music, dramatics and social service activities. Every student is given an opportunity to participate in the meetings and to organise functions.

Lectures on subjects of genera! interest both by the college faculty and by eminent speakers from outside, are arranged from time to time by the college. The college sends teams for inter-collegiate State & National Level sports, dramatics, debates and Bhavgeet competitions and insists on adequate extracurricular activities for all.

A Short term Translation Course is organized by Hindi Department every year for all final year students. Resource persons are invited to deliver lectures and conduct practical sessions from outside the college. A certificate of participation is given to all. This is a job-oriented course, with special relevance to media.

The Physical Training Programme is compulsory for all students except those medically exempted. A Physical Efficiency Test is administered once every year in accordance with the University regulations and the results are submitted to the University. The test is compulsory for all the students. According to the University rules, every student will have to be present for medical examination by a Regd. Doctor arranged by the college. Penalty Rs. 50/- will be imposed on the students who fail to do so.


  • For duplicate transfer certificate, students have to produce a court-affidavit regarding the loss of original transfer certificate issued by the college & pay Rs. 25/-.
  • For Bonafide Certificate/Character Certificate / Date of Birth Certificate Rs. 10/-.
  • Charges for obtaining old record more than 10 years Rs. 50/-.
  • No foreign student will be considered for admission unless she is in possession of a ‘student visa’. Tourist visa or entry visa will not be accepted for admission as per University Letter No. Enqr/8072467 dated 9/4/1980.
  • Foreign students excepting those coming from Bhutan, will have to pay University Registration Fee of Rs. 5000/- at the time of admission.
  • It is compulsory for the students to purchase the practical note books provided by the college.
  • Every student is expected to see the Notice Boards daily.
    It will be presumed that the notices displayed on the Notice Boards are seen and read by the student.


The application requesting leave on medical ground specially
at the time of the college examination will be treated as invalid if not     
accompanied by Medical Certificate.
A student who remains absent for both college test and examination in a year or has habitually missed class tests, will on no account be promoted to the next class or be permitted by the college to appear in the University examination / board exam. A strict record of marks is maintained by the college of all written work.


  • UNIFORMS : It is compulsory for all the students of the Senior college of all streams to attend college in the Uniform approved by the college from the session 2012-2013.
  • Students must keep mobile phones on silent mode in the college premises.
  • Students remaining absent for long period due to illness / mishaps in the family are expected to submit Medical Certificate / letters from parents / guardians immediately on joining, submitting the same at the end of the year shall not be entertained.
  • Students shall be expected to attend minimum 80% theory and practical classes. Every student shall have to pay 0.50ps. per period fine on remaining absent for either theory or practical classes without seeking prior permission for the respective teachers. Rs. 25/- per paper will be fined on remaining absent for college examination. Students having less than 80% attendance will be detained and will not be allowed to take Board! University Examination.
  • Students shall be expected to obey all the orders and behave respectfully towards their respective lecturers, other teaching and non-teaching staff of the college.
  • Students are expected to be punctual and fully responsive in the class. Students shall not be allowed to join any other course of study simultaneously outside the college-full time/part time jobs/tuition classes etc. clashing with college timings.
  • No student shall attend classes other than her own or bring in the college premises any friend who is not a student of this college.
  • Off periods may be spent in library reading room/students common room. Students shall not unnecessarily loiter in the college premises or sit/stand in the corridors or sit on the parapet walls.
  • AS PER THE UGC REGULATIONS ON CURBING THE MENACE OF RAGGING IN HIGHER EUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, 2009, (Under section 26(1)(g) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956) bearing no. F.116/2007(CPP-I I) dt. 17.6.2009 ragging is totally Prohibited
        in the institution AND ANYONE FOUND GUILTY OF
        The student can contact Vice Principals and Convener SQAC in the college for help.
    An Anti-Ragging toll free helpline has been made ooerational
        w.e.f. 20.6.2009 by University Grants Commission. New Delhi-
        110 002 with a Toll free Anti-Ragging Helpline number 1800-
        180-5522 &The other toll free number 155222.
    No fresher’s Day or Farewell programmes will be organized under the aegis of the college.
    As per the instructions of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharal Nagpur University. Nam:air vide letters no. 58/S/376 dt. 22.7.1999 and letter no. 56 dt. 30.7.2009 all the students except 1″ year. are required to submit the ANNEXURE 1- AFFIDAVIT BY THE STUDENT AND ANNEXURE — II AFFIDAVIT BY PARENT/GUARDIAN on NON JUDICIAL STAMP PAPER while taking admission In Senior college during the session 2014 – 2015
  • Writing, painting or pasting bills of any kind on walls, doors, windows, spitting seeds or littering the college premises with any substances or committing any unhygienic act, will entail fine of Rs. 50/-
  • Playing Holi in the college and hostel premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Students shall use the college fumiture, fans, books or any other college property with utmost care. The cost of damage done shall be recovered from the students individually or collectively as the case may be.
  • No student shall directly send anything concerning the college for publication either to the press or elsewhere without the prior approval or necessary permission from the college Principal. Any breach of this rule may entail outright expulsion of the student from the college.
  • Students are not authorised to form unions or societies in the college without the prior consent of the Principal. They shall also not invite guests or arrange lectures/programmes without prior permission of the Principal.
  • Students shall not be allowed to hold meetings of any kind or collecting group of students and lecturing in the college premises without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Any direct action on the part of the student, like morcha, college bandh, boycotting of classes, approaching higher authorities, strike etc. without prior intimation of atleast 15 days to the Principal and without any just or legitimate cause or grievance will result in rustication of the concerned students.
  • Any change in the Subject / Subjects, Faculties or medium will not be allowed unless permitted by the Principal.
  • Any change either in the local or permanent address of a student should be notified to the admission section promptly in writing.
  • There shall be No Annual Social Gathering / College Day Celebration in the college except cultural, academic and sports activities, which all the students shall be expected to attend.
  • Elections of University Students Council only shall be held as per the provisions and directive from the Nagpur University.
  • There shall be no students Union/Council in the college and hence no office- bearers such as President, Secretary etc.
  • No memorandum or requests from the students with regard to holding of student elections for the posts of President, Secretary and Office – Bearers shall be entertained.
  • Students shall be expected to keep their bi-cycles, two wheelers at the space provided properly locked. No complaints regarding loss of cycles kept unlocked or not kept at the space provided shall be entertained.
  • Students who are bringing vehicles are required to bring the cycle stand cards issued to them and while parking their vehicles they should handover their cards to cycle stand contractor and while taking back their vehicle they should collect the cards back.
    No students will be allowed to park their vehicles without cycle stand card
  • Only special notices shall be read out in classrooms. Students are therefore, expected to see the notices put up on Notice Boards from time to time.
  • Any difficulty faced by the students shall be brought to the notice of the Principal through the Vice Principals/ Supervisors/ Incharge Teacher / Registrar.
  • Parents / Guardians shall be fully and directly responsible for the behaviour of their wards in the college.
  • Students found indulging in activities which are not in the interest of the college or detrimental to the smooth functioning of the college shall be given their T.C. (Transfer Certificate) without holding any kind of enquiry whatsoever. Right of giving T.C. or expelling the students from the college is reserved with the Principal.
  • Students granted admission on the basis of Caste Reservation are required to submit Caste and Validity Certificate alongwith Domicile Certificate.

Any breach of the above rules will amount to an act of indiscipline, punishable according to the degree of its seriousness.