Post Graduate (P.G.)


(Post Graduate & Post Graduate Diploma Courses)

(Rashtrashta Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur follow semester pattern for P.G. Degree Courses from 2012-13)

I & III Semester                     Winter Exam.

II & IV Semester                    Summer Exam.



As Per the Direction no. 15 of 2016 of R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur

(Duration 2 yrs. – 4 Semesters Credit Based System)

M.A. Part I :  (Semester-I)

POL 1T1          Modern Indian Political Thought
POL 1T2          Indian Government and Politics
POL 1T3          Modern Political Ideologies


POL 1T4.3       International Law

M.A. Part I : (Semester-II)

POL 2T1          Comparative Politics

POL 2T2          Western Political thought

POL 2T3          International Relations


POL 2T4.1      Political Sociology

M.A. Part II :  (Semester-III)

POL 3T1          Research Methodology
POL 3T2          Public Administration


POL 3T3.1       Politics of Maharashtra


POL 3T4.3       Local self Government

M.A. Part II : (Semester-IV)

POL 4T1          State Politics in India
POL 4T2         Indian Administration


POL 4T3.1      Pressure Groups and Social Movements


POL 4T4.4      Human Rights and Indian Constitution



(English Medium)

 (As per Direction No. 09/2012 of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur)

(Duration 2 yrs. – 4 Semesters Credit Based System)

 ELIGIBILITY : A candidate who has passed B.A. with Home Economics Examination, B.Sc. Home Science from this or any other University or a candidate who has passed B.A. with Fashion Designing from this or other University is held eligible for admission to M.A. Home Economics Course. 

M.A. Part I (Semester – I)

Resource Management IHuman DevelopmentTextile & Clothing IResearch Methods & Statistics I Statistics II


M.A. Part I (Semester – II)

Resource Management IIHuman DevelopmentTextile & Clothing IIResearch Methods & Statistics II


M.A. Part II (Semester – III)

Consumer & Market.Food & Nutrition.Family Dynamics.Housing & Interiors Statistics II


M.A. Part II (Semester – IV)

Consumer & Market.Food & Nutrition.Family Dynamics.Housing & Interiors.




I           M.Sc. (Home Science) in Human Development

(Duration 2 yrs. – 4 Semesters Credit Based System)


1T1      Management of  Programmes for Children and Families         – (T & P)

1T2      Methods & materials for working with young children – (T & P)

1T3      Overview of theoretical perspectives in Human Development –(T)

1T4      Research Methods and Statistics I – (T)

1S1      Current Trends and Issues in Human Development – I


2T1      Methods of Studying Human Development — (T & P)
2T2      Early Childhood Care & Education — (T & P)
2T3      Study of Family in Society – (T)
2T4      Research Methods and Statistics II – (T)

2S1      Current Trends and Issues in Human Development – II

3T1      The Child with special needs — (T & P)

3T2      Adolescent Needs & Challenges — (T & P)

3T3a    Care of Children with disabilities illness – (T)

3T3b    Parenting in Early Years – (T)

3T4a/3T4b  Foundation 1/ Child & Human Rights — (T)

3RP      Research Project (Design)

4T1      Guidance, Counseling & Psychotherapeutics — (T & P)

4T2      Mental Health in Developmental Perspective — (T)

4T3a    Media in Human Development  — (T)

4T3b    Curriculum for ECE — (T)

4T4a/4T4b  Foundation 2/ Care of the elderly — (T)

4RP      Research Project and Viva

4S1      Research Project Seminar



(As per Direction No. 16/2012 of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur)

(Duration 2 yrs. – 4 Semesters Credit Based System)

PART –I (Semester-I)
i)   Communication Technology 
ii)  Community Health
iii) Socio-Economic Environment
iv)  Research Methods & Statistics i

PART –I (Semester-II)
i)    Media Technology for Communication
ii)   Nutrition Education 
iii)  Women & Development
iv)  Research Methods & Statistics II

PART –II (Semester-III)
i)   Non Formal Education 
ii)   Diffusion of Innovations

iii)  Programme Planning in Extension Rural

      Development  & Extension Services

iv)  Foundation 1/Human Rights of Women & Children
iv)  Research Project Design 

PART –II (Semester-IV)
i)    Distance Education
ii)   Adoption of Innovations  
iii)  Programme Building in Extension , Media for Distance Education
iv)  Foundation  2/Environmental Education

iv)  Research Project Seminar & Viva Voce


(As per Direction No. 20/2012 of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur)

(Duration 2 yrs. – 4 Semesters Credit Based System)

A masters degree programme was started in the Department of Cosmetic Technology to fulfill the requirement of industry & academics. The formulation, research and development in industry needs personnel with a post-graduate background. This being the only P.G. course in Cosmetic Technology in India also motivates the research activities at the institute in collaboration with industry.

ELIGBLITY: Bachelor’s Degree in Cosmetic Technology

Part-I (Semester-I)

Paper-                  i)  Formulation and Development –I           (FD-I)

                             ii) Quality Assurance Technology-I             (QAT I)

                             iii) Advanced Cosmetic Technology-I         (ACT I)

Practical               i)   Formulation and Development –II         (FD-II)

               ii)  Quality Assurance Technology-II          (QAT II)

               iii) Advanced Cosmetic Technology-II       (ACT II)

               iv) Seminar/Assignment/Journal club

Part –I ((Semester-II)

Theory   i)  Formulation and Development –II           (FD-II)

               ii)  Advanced Cosmetic Technology-I         (ACT II)

              iii)  Natural Products (NP)

Practical             i)   Formulation and Development –II         (FD-II)

                           ii) Advanced Cosmetic Technology-II        (ACT II)

                           iii) Seminar/Assignment/Journal club

Part –II ((Semester-III)

Theory       i)    Research Methodology (RM)

                    ii)   Quality Assurance Technology-II  (QAT II)

                    iii)  Advanced Cosmetic Technology-III  (ACT II)

Practical      i)   Research Methodology (RM)

                    ii)  Quality Assurance Technology-II  (QAT II)

                    iii) Seminar/Assignments/Journal Club

Part –II ((Semester-IV)

Theory       i)  Production Management in Cosmetic (PMC)

                    ii) Marketing Management (MM)

Practical      i)   Project& Viva-Voice

                    ii)  Seminar/Review

Department of Cosmetic Technology is recognized as place of research work leading to Doctoral Degree, by Nagpur University, Nagpur.


(As per Direction No. 22 of 2016)

(Duration 2 yrs.– 4 Semesters Credit Based System)

Semester I

1-T-1   Core I – Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism

1-T-2   Core II- Customer Relationship Management

1-T-3   Core III – Research Methodology

1-T-4   Core IV – HRM & Corporate Sustainability

1-P-1    Practical Core I – Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism

1-P-2    Practical Core II- Customer Relationship Management

1-P-3    Seminar I – Meeting, Incentive, Convention & Exhibitions

Semester II

2-T-1   Core I – MIS in Hospitality Industry

2-T-2   Core II- Hospitality Laws

2-T-3   Core III – Statistics & Qualitative Techniques

2-T-4   Core IV –Tourism : A Global Perspective

2-P-1    Practical Core I – MIS in Hospitality Industry

2-P-2    Practical Core II- Tourism : A Global Perspective

2-P-3    Seminar I – Managerial Communication

Semester III

3-RP    Core I – Project Design and Planning

3-T-1   Core II- Destination India

3-T-2   Practical Elective –I Food & Beverage Management –I


            Elective –II Accommodation Management  -I

3-T-3   Foundation -1** (refer Annexure)


            Materials Management

3-P-1    Tourism Destination India


            Foreign Language (French/German)

3-P-2    Food & Beverage Management –I


            Elective –II Accommodation Management -1

3-P-3    Seminar – Industrial Training

Semester IV

4-T-1   Core I- Quality Management & Assurance

4-T-2   Core II Food Tourism

4-T-3   Elective –I

Food & Beverage Management -II


            Elective –II

            Accommodation Management –II

4-T-4   Foundation –II (refer Annexure)


            Strategic Management

4-R P   Project Work & Viva/Voce

4-P-2    Seminar on Food Tourism

4-P-3    Food & Beverage Management –II


            Accommodation Management – II

At the global level there is need & job opportunities are available for specialized programmes in the field of hospitality operations. Educational field & Industrial sector both require post-graduates. Considering all these facts the course has been designed to suit the requirements.


  1. 4 year degree in Hotel Management/Hospitality Management/ Hotel Management and Catering Technology.
  2. 3 year degree in Hotel Management/Hospitality Management/ Hotel Management and Catering Technology. 2 years industrial experience in an ‘accredited hotel industry’.
  3. Any bachelor’s degree from a statutory University with three year diploma in Hotel Management/ Hospitality Management/ Hotel Management and Catering Technology with 2 years industrial experience in an ‘accredited Hotel industry’. (‘Accredited Hotel Industry means – those Hotels/ Restaurants/ organizations which are members of all India Hotel & Restaurant Association – Western, Eastern, Southern & Northern Regions’).

V       M.Sc. (BIOTECHNOLOGY)       



(Duration 2 yrs. – 4 Semesters Choice Based System)


Eligibility Criteria

The candidate must have passed Bachelor’s Degree under 10+2+3 pattern of education in Physical OR Biological Sciences (All Science Graduates) OR Agriculture OR Veterinary OR Fishery Science OR 4-Year Pharmacy/ Engineering /Technology/ B.S.(Physician Assistance Course) OR Medicine (MBBS) OR Dental (B.D.S.) with at least 50% Marks from R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur or any other Statutory University.

Eligible candidates would be called for Group Discussion (G.D.) and Personal Interview (P.I.). Final selection would be done on the basis of the qualifying exam scores (additional weightage may be given to the students who had offered Biotechnology as one of the subjects at graduation level and /or at +2 stage) as well as performance in GD-PI.

The admission procedure begins immediately after the declaration of the B.Sc. result of this university and the detailed programme is displayed on the College and Department Notice Boards as well as flashed on the College website.


Semester I

Paper I        Cell Biology and Enzymology

Paper II       Molecular Biology

Paper III     Biomolecules

Paper IV     Biophysical Techniques

Practical 1   Cell Biology and Enzymology

Practical 2   Macromolecules & Analytical Techniques


Semester II

Paper I        Microbiology

Paper II       Immunology

Paper III     Fundamentals of Genetic Engineering

Paper IV     Applied Molecular Biology

Practical 1   Microbiology & Immunology

Practical 2   Genetic Engineering & Molecular Biology


Semester III

Paper I Genetic Engineering & its Applications
Paper II Plant Biotechnology
Paper III (Core Elective A or B)            A) Industrial Biotechnology I OR B) Environmental Biotechnology I
Paper IV (Foundation Course/Core Subject Centric I) Introductory Biotechnology / Diagnostic Medical Biotechnology
Practical 1 Genetic Engineering & Plant Biotechnology
Practical 2 (Core Elective A or B) A)  Industrial Biotechnology OR B)  Environmental Biotechnology

Semester IV

Paper I Animal Biotechnology
Paper II Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Ethics & Patenting
Paper III (Core Elective A or B)            A) Industrial Biotechnology II OR B) Environmental Biotechnology II
Paper IV (Foundation Course/ Core Subject Centric I) Molecular Biotechnology / Therapeutic Medical Biotechnology
Practical Animal Biotechnology, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Ethics & Patenting And Industrial Biotechnology II OR Environmental Biotechnology
Project Work  


(As per Direction No-18/2012 of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur)

(Duration 2 yrs. – 4 Semester Credit Based System)

  1. Objective & Scope

In today’s world looking at the rapid growth and modernization in Textile & Fashion Design Industry. It becomes necessary to train personnel for the same. The course is designed for the need for both students an industry. Students will be trained practically with scientific basis which will certainly open new avenues for students for self-employment in industries and also academicians in fashion industries.

  • Eligibility
  • For part I, Student should have passed, a three years degree course examinations in Bachelor of Fashion Design from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University or Bachelor degree in Fashion Design/B.Sc. Home Science /Garments Technology/ fashion Design/ B.A. with Fashion Design or any other equivalent examination from any recognized university in India or abroad or BFA/Graduation in Textile Design. Textile Science/Handloom Technology or Equivalent Graduate in Fashion Accessories, Apparel Merchandising/ Graduate in any discipline with one year  relevant Grament, Textile industry experience, or one or two year diploma or certificate course in Fashion Design, Garment technology ,Fashion technology/Dress Designing Dress Making.
  • For Part II : The student should have passed the Part I examination or availed the facility of ATKT (where the student have passed 2/3rd heads of subjects considering theory and practical separately. Or

Student with PG Diploma in Fashion Designing or Fashion Technology/ Apparel Merchandising or equivalent/M.Sc Home Science in Textile& Clothing or equivalent shall be eligible to take admission.

5)  Subject Offered :

Semester I

  1. Fundamentals of Design (T & P)
  2. History of World Costume (T)
  3. Textile Studies (T)
  4. Pattern Making (T & P)
  5. Fashion Communication Skills (TW)

Semester II

  1. Advance Fashion Illustration  (T & P)
  2. History of Fashion (T & P)
  3. Weaving & Knitting Technology (T)
  4. Grading (T & P)

Semester III

  1. Garment Production Technology
  2. Research Designing & Planning
  3. Elective I-film & Theater Costume  Or         
    Elective II-Fashion Design Accessory
  4. Foundation-I-(Annexure) Or 
    Fashion Marketing

Semester IV

  1. Conceptual Design Development
  2. Visual Merchandising
  3.  Elective I-Fashion Show Management. Or   
    Elective II-Fashion  Forecasting
  4. Foundation-II-(Annexure) Or            
    Makeup & Styling \


(One and half year course-Annual Pattern)

Eligibility for Admission : Eligibility for admission in P.G. diploma in Fashion Technology is as under :-

3 years degree course examination in Home Science (with Textiles as a subject in all the 3 years) (B.Sc. Home Science) R.T.M. Nagpur University or of any other equivalent statutory university.
A 3 years degree course examination in Fashion Design 
B.A. with Fashion Designing as one of the subjects. 
Any graduate with 2 years diploma course in Fashion Design/Dress designing & Garment Manufacturing Technology from a recognized board of education.
Three years Diploma course in Fashion design /Fashion Technology/ Garment Technology Dress Designing & Garment Manufacturing /Garment Manufacturing  Technology.     From a recognized Board of Education or University or its equivalent
Any graduate of  R.T.M. Nagpur University or its equivalent with one year full time certificate course in Dress Making of Industrial Training Institute  (I.T.I.) from a recognized   board of education.   

Subjects Offered :

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Technology – Part I

1)   Fashion Communication Skill (T)

2)   Advanced Fashion Illustration (T & P)

3)   Textile (T)

4)   E-Fashion (T & P)

5)   Pattern Making & Grading (T & P)

6)   Apparel Construction (T & P)

7)   Fashion Marketing & Merchandizing (T)

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Technology – Part II

Research Project & Internship

Career Opportunities :

The Course prepares students to pursue career as :

            –           Designers

            –           Fashion – Co-ordinators

            –           Creative Pattern – Makers

            –           Pattern Graders

            –           Fashion Stylist

            –           Lecturers

            –           Fashion Consultant

            –           Fashion Merchandiser

            –           Surface Decorators

            –           Illustrator

            –           Costume Designers

            –           Entrepreneurs



(As per Direction No- 20/2012 of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur)

(Duration 2 yrs. – 4 Semesters Credit Based System)

ELIGLIBLITY : Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. Semester pattern introduced in M.Com (PG Course) from the session 2012-2013 by RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur. Subjects offered by the University at-



  1. Advanced Financial Accounting
  2. Indian financial System
  3. Managerial Economics
  4. Marketing Management.


  1. Research Methodology
  2. Advances Cost Accounting
  3. Co-operation and Rural Development
  4. Human Research Management.


  1. Advanced Management Accounting
  2. Statistical Techniques
  3. Direct Taxes OR Computer Application in Business.
  4. Entrepreneurship Development OR Service Sector Management.


  1. International Business Environment
  2. Project
  3. Indirect Taxes OR Operation Research
  4. E-Commerce OR  Company Law