Vision & Mission

“Our Vision is to develop the institute into a reputed brand name for excellence in academics and empower women with higher learning and research capabilities through dynamic and value based education for global competency and strength of character.”

“The Mission of the institution is to foster higher education In women and thereby enlighten and empower them.”


Besides the objectives of the RTM Nagpur University the institutional goals consolidate its mission of disseminating quality education to a maximum number of women. The goals are as follows :-

  • To Introduce courses and reinforce existing ones within the framework of the University norms,
  • To honor scholarship and outstanding achievements in sports and extracurricular activities,
  • To develop amongst its students academic and all round competency,
    To foster value-based, creative and critical teaming,
  • To hone skills of living in a technological globalized, ecologically aware, environment.
  • To ensure awareness of gender rights and gender justice.
  • To develop amongst Its students a commitment to Society.
  • To promote life-long learning through proactive teaching and learning process,
  • To develop in its culture a commitment to excellence.


Student’s responsibilities of learning.
The student shall:

  • Appreciate the institutional goals and objectives and contribute to the realization of the same by participating in relevant institutional activities,
  • Have a clear knowledge of the programs, admission policies, rules and regulations of the institution,
  • Follow the time schedules, rules and regulations of the institution,
  • Undertake regular and intense study of learning materials
    Make optimum use of the learning resources and other support services available in the institution,
  • Prepare for continuous internal assessment and term-end examinations.
    Give feedback for system improvement.
  • Have faith and ability to pursue lifelong learning.
  • live as worthy alumni of the institution.